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Tory1Bruno tory1bruno at
Thu Jun 22 00:08:26 EST 1995


I have an interesting case with some striking data.  The subject is a 31
year old woman.  Post child birth, she contracted a persistent pelvic
infection.  Symptoms are pain and fever.  The fever responds to, but is
not eliminated by, antibiotics.  Laproscopy reveals evidence of infection
on the uterus, tubes, and ovaries (adhesions, etc.)  Cultures grow e-coli
and an anaerobic; chlostridium sporogenes.  After several months of IV
antibiotics, a hysterectomy and removal of both tubes and one ovary is
performed.  The condition is markedly improved.  After cessation of ten
days of augmentin, however, the condition resumes.  The remaining ovary is
removed.  Condition is improved but pain and fever remain despite unysin
IV.  The temperature displays a striking, periodic behavior.  Every 6 to 7
days, the fever spikes, remains elevated for 3 days, and then subsides. 
During periods when the condition is at its worst, the 3 days becomes
extended, eventually raising the base temperature level.  Any thoughts?

                              - TB

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