Pathogen acquisition of cytokines or their receptors

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>EBV and some related viruses appear to have acquired IL10.  Does anyone
>know of other examples where pathogens have acquired cytokines or their
>receptors and have subverted them to their own ends?

There are many examples of viruses acquiring cytokines and their 
receptors.  Several poxviruses have soluble receptors for interferon 
gamma, IL-1, and TNF.  Herpesvirus saimiri has at least one cytokine 
analogue (can't remember which one), cytomegalovirus and (by homology) 
human herpesvirus 6 encode C-C chemokine receptors.  There are probalby a 
lot more out there that are not yet identified; this is a fairly new 
field.  (There are undoubtedly examples of bacterial and parasitic 
versions as well, but I'm not familiar with any offhand.)  There are a 
number of reviews, one of which is - 
	Viroceptors, Virokines, and Related Immune Modulators Encoded by 
	DNA Viruses.  Ed. G. McFadden.  Austin: R.G. Landes Co.,1995

(conflict of interest note, I wrote one of the chapters, though I don't 
get anything from this)


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