IEL isolation and purification

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Sun Jun 25 16:53:07 EST 1995

On June 19, Randall Friedline wrote:

 Hello again!
I plan on isolating IEL's (gamma-delta +) from mice.  I was
wondering why all the established procedures use the small
intestine as the source of IEL's but not the large intestine.  I
need to purify IEL's from the large intestine.  Is there
something I'll have to be aware of when performing the
procedure that differs from removal from small intestines??
  Are cell yields lower from large intestine than small

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I don't have any good answers for you, but an article published recently 
in The Journal of Immunology (154:5611-5619) may help steer you in the 
right direction.  Hope this helps!

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