Ricky Cohen rcohen at
Thu Jun 29 07:56:52 EST 1995

Transduction Laboratories is giving researchers a second chance.
quote: Newsletter May 1995
" If you have purchased an antibody fron another company in the
last year and are not happy with its performance, you can try
that same antibody from us at no charge (if available).  For a
limited time you can simply send us the bad antibody (in its
original container), and we will replace it with a Transduction
Laboratories antibody free of charge.  Call our customer service
department (1-800-227-4063 US, or fax 1-606-276-2251) for information
and authorization number.  Limit one per customer"

I thought this would be helpful to all, so take advantage of industry
a little at their expense...good luck

Rick Cohen 

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