HIV P24 and gp120 antibodies

Seth Pincus Seth_Pincus at
Thu Jun 29 10:52:14 EST 1995

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> Hi, I am trying to locate a commercial source for rabbit polyclonal antibodies
> to HIV P24 and gp120.  I hope to use these in Western blots of clinical iso-
> lates and would hope that they would have cross-reactivity with multiple
> serotypes.
> Thanks,
> --Tom

I don't know about commercial sources, but you should check with the AIDS
Research and Reference Reagent Program (301) 340-0245. They have many
different sera. A little bit of sera goes a long way. If you can identify
gp120 and p24 out of a western of all HIV proteins, I suggest you use the
HIVIG from them. This is highly concentrated Ig that can be used in
Westerns at very high dilutions (>1:1000) and is available in ml
quantities. You can use some of their other more specific but more limited
reagents to help you identify the individual proteins on the more complex
western blots with HIVIG. Finally, we have rabbit anti-gp120 and
anti-gp160 against different isolates in moderate quantities. If you wish
to detail your research project and send me a note by E-mail, we might
work something out.

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