Need rat antimouse CD8 mAb, YTS 169.4, or other mAbs to eliminate CD8s in adult mice.

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Wed Mar 1 09:46:43 EST 1995

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>On 25 Feb 1995, Agnieszka Szczepek wrote:
>> On 24 Feb 1995, Aki Hoji wrote:
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>> > Hi all !!
>> > 
>> > I am planning to eliminate CD8+ cells in adult mice, and I need a
>> > monoclonal YTS 169.4 which is the rat anti mouse CD8 mAb.  Since I don't
>> > quite know exactly where to obatin this mAb, or the hybridoma producing it
>> > (meaning, it is not commercially avialable), any help will be appriciated
>> > to locate it.  Also, I like to know if there are any other mAbs avialable
>> > to do the same job.  Thanks in advance.  
>> You can buy the rat-anti-mouse CD8 Abs from Pharmingen (1-800-848-MABS);
>> they have two types of Abs- one against the alpha chain of CD8 (Ly-2) and
>> other one against the beta chain of CD8 (Ly-3.2). 
>Note that these antibodies may not work for in vivo elimination of CD8 
>cells.  It depends on the subtype of the antibody.  When antibodies YTS 
>169.4 and its related anti-CD4 antibody were derived (see Nash, et al J. 
>Gen. Virol., vol 68, page 825-833) only certain subtypes worked for in 
>vivo depletion.  Another antibody is 2.43 (see Sarmiento, et al, J. 
>Immunol. vol 125, pp 2665-2672).  I suspect the Mab from Pharmigen were 
>not selected for use in in vivo depletions.  I got YTS 169.4 from Michael 
>Oldstone's lab a number of years ago and 2.43 from Frank Fitch's lab.  
>This was because my boss at that time called these guys up and they sent 
>it.  I don't know if they will give them to anybody, but they may know a 
>source.  I believe Fitch originally derived 2.43.

Just to clear up a few incorrect statements. The antibody YTS169.4 in it's
original rat IgG2b form certainly does deplete cells in vivo. Non depleting
recombinat forms of the antibody have been engineered.
The rat anti-mouseCD4 and CD8 antibodies you are referring to under the YTS
name were made by Steve Cobbold. He is now at the following address.
Therapeutic Immunology Group
Sir William Dunn School Of Pathology
University of Oxford
South Parks Road

Some of these antibodies are available from Sera Lab and Serotec UK

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