William T. Lee leew at wadsworth.org
Wed Mar 1 12:41:54 EST 1995

>Brett Lindenbach (Lucille P. Markey Student in Human Pathobiology,
>Washington University) responded that... 
>> Mark Davis used subtractive cloning to obtain the first TCR sequences.
>> Kappler & Marrack followed using biochemical approaches.
>   Tak Mak's group (T'ronto?) reported the first TCR sequence data.  I
>think Davis's group published in the same issue of Nature.   Kappler &
>Marrack's groups had previously shown that a single receptor is
>responsible for MHC-restriction and antigen-specificity, using hybrids
>between T cell hybridomas with different specificities.

Davis' and Mak's papers were back to back in Nature (I think Davis' may 
have been first). These were the firstidentifications of TcR genes.  The 
human TcR was identified by Mak, whereas Davis got the mouse beta chain. 
This is all off the top of my head, but I think the next gene isolated 
was the gamma by Tonegawa.

With regard to the proteins, I'm pretty sure that the first isolation 
of the TcR was by Jim Allison in the mouse, followed by the work of 
K&M.  Around the same time, I think that the human receptor was 
identified by Reinherz and Schlossman.	


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