Elisa readers

cheol.yun at usask.ca cheol.yun at usask.ca
Fri Mar 3 10:14:28 EST 1995

We have Vmax kinetic microplate reader (Molecular Devices). You can
hook up to your computer and it comes with program called softmax.
It has functions like automix, kinetic run time and different wavelengh etc.
You can draw kinetic graph, though it's not great as using graphic programs.
Also program automatically (if you want) calculate actual value and you 
can transfer to spred sheet program under windows features.

On Thu, 2 Mar 1995 MPERALES at opal.tufts.edu wrote:

> HI,
> We are planning to purchase an ELISA reader .... have you purchased one 
> recently and what is your experience with the model you have.  If 
> possible, could I have a brief description of its specs, the model number 
> and company that sells it.
> Thanks,
> Miguel Perales
> Hematology-Oncology
> Tufts - New England Medical Center
> Boston, MA

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