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The following contents list covers the April issue of Immunology Today, which
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Immunology Today
Contents, April 1995

Autoimmune versus inflammatory type I diabetes: a controversy?
H. Kolb, V. Kolb-Bachofen and B. O. Roep

Role of humoral factors in the progression of HIV disease
G. Fust, M. P. Dierich and T. Hidvegi

Cytokines and gene therapy
G. Schmidt-Wolf and I. Schmidt-Wolf

On the nomenclature for V-region serological markers
A. Nisonoff

The injured cell: the role of the dendritic cell system as a sentinel receptor
M. A. A. Ibrahim, B. M. Chain and D. R. Katz

Immune activation is a dominant factor in the pathogenesis of African AIDS
Z. Bentwich, A. Kalinkivich and Z. Weisman

T-cell repertoire diversity and clonal expansions in normal and clinical
C. Pannetier, J. Even and P. Kourilsky

Perforin: structure and function
C-C. Liu, C. M. Walsh and J. D-E. Young

Granzymes: exogenous proteinases that induce target cell apoptosis
M. J. Smyth and J. A. Trapani

Nomenclature of V-region markers
R. Jefferis

Reply to Jefferis
M. D. Kazatchkine and A. Coutinho

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