s3400270 at nickel.laurentian.ca s3400270 at nickel.laurentian.ca
Fri Mar 3 11:10:10 EST 1995

I am looking for help.  I urgently need case studies on the immuno- 
deficiency disease called WEGNERS GRANULO MOTOSIS.  I have all the
information about signs, sysmptoms, and treatments.  I need actual
records from real patients.  My mother in-law has this ailment and
almost died.  Now the disease is out of remission and progressing
rapidly and her prognosis does not look good (She is only 42).
As a result she has slipped into a deep depression.  We want
any information good or bad, we just want some peace of mind.

e-mail please to  s3400270 at nickel.laurentian.ca

thanks   Andrew Evans, Laurentian University

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