Will there ever be a Vaccine to HIV?

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> Subject: Will there ever be a Vaccine to HIV?
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> Date: Sun, 26 Feb 1995 05:23:12 CDT
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> I  am a final year student of microbiology at the University of Leeds and i am
> co-ordinating research for a forcoming debate on HIV in our medical
> microbiology class. The motion that we are debating is "This house believes
> that there will never be a vaccine for HIV. The group which I am working for
> is in favour of the motion (randomly allocated). We have already come up with
> the rate of HIV mutation and consequent antigenic variation, the
> transmissability of HIV cell to cell which can shield it from the serum
> antibodies and some stuff about the presentation of epitopes to T-cytotoxic
> cells that we are still trying to understand.
> Does anybody out there have any opinions of there own on this subject that
> they would like to discuss or any suggestions for lines of research which we
> could follow from here?
> Thanks in advance
> Matt

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