Peptides on the head of a Pin?

JoannePetithoryjpetithory at genencor.com JoannePetithoryjpetithory at genencor.com
Mon Mar 6 15:43:57 EST 1995

>   Joanne Petithory       jpetithory at genencor.com writes:
>  		I'm looking for information on commercial suppliers of epitope mapping kits based on the 'pin'
>   	peptide synthesis technique of Geysen and coworkers (J. Immunol. Methods 102:259, 1987). 

Thanks to the many who have responded!
Here is what I have found out, in case anyone else needs this info:
	ICN/Cambridge Research Biochemicals used to carry kits both for the PIN method, 
and for a SPOTS method where the peptides are synth'd on a membrane.  In the latter case
the peptides cannot be cleaved from the membrane support.  
	Chiron Mimetopes in San Diego (619-455-3710) now carries the PIN kit, 
& the SPOTS kit is now being marketed by Genosys in Texas (1-800-234-5362).

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