Lazlo Toth lazlo at j51.com
Thu Mar 9 15:36:21 EST 1995

John Cherwonogrodzky (jcherwon at dres.dnd.ca) wrote:
: Dear Ray Pierson:
:      I'm not a virologist, and what I know about ebola is probably from what 
: you've read or seen on T.V.

Nor am I, but I read the book.

:      The 500 monkeys in Reston, Virginia, were from the Philippines and the 
: disease spread by aerosol. The ebola was identical except it had minimal 
: effect on humans. hence:

I don't believe Ebola Reston was in any way *identical*. It was ebola, and
it was a filovirus (not flavivirus) but because it produced no disease in
man, it must obviously be different in some obviously critical regard. 

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