UK oriented lab digest (Diagnosis) on WWW - ng-info.txt [1/1]

Pam Moreton pmassoc at tcp.co.uk
Sat Mar 11 11:19:39 EST 1995

Issue 1 of DIAGNOSIS - a UK oriented Diagnostics digest 
- is now on WWW

DIAGNOSIS is distributed free of charge to all bona fide 
UK laboratories on request. May we ask, via your news group, 
that any qualifying group please advise us of their address 
in order that we are sure of complete coverage? The initial 
mailing list is to 8,000 UK labs. 

We have received, in response to the earlier post, very many 
requests from overseas. We shall be delighted to extend our 
coverage to non-qualifying bodies but, regrettably, need to 
ask for handling and postage charges. Please E-mail us with 
your request.

We wish to apologize for an incorrect URL in the earlier 
posting. Unfortunately, we are still getting a few reports 
that the site not accessible. We would be very grateful if 
you could spare a moment to let us know of any further 
problems - and a few *positive* sightings would also help.


The paper pilot version will be published on 2oth March. 
Getting the first issue together has been fraught with 
problems. When the idea was first conceived it was our 
intention to talk about the Web within its pages - this 
then evolved into placing the whole publication on the web  
- which  seemed like quite a simple idea - we know better 
now !! and have, needless to say, learned a lot in the last 
few weeks. Whilst the paper version *will* (must) contain 
straightforward advertising, the web version needs different 
treatment. The first issue is a little thin, to say the least, 
but we have to start somewhere. As editor, my intention is 
to build DIAGNOSIS into a publication where anyone who feels 
that they are doing work of interest to the rest of the life 
sciences community can send it into us for possible 
inclusion - this can be as little as a few lines or as much 
as a complete thesis!

This issue features clinical trials on Urine concentrators, 
Automated Syphilis testing and Multiple allergen testing 
- along with an article on the application of  LCR to 
Chlamydia detection. The review on vaccine development 
gives an overview of developments in this field in recent 
years. We have also included features on company news, 
the latest products launched in the diagnostics field, 
and a section giving information about professional bodies 
and relevant clubs in the UK - we couldn't think of a 
suitable heading for the 'clubs' page so you will find 
it under Bits and Pieces!
The editorial 'For better or for worse' highlights the 
way in which pathology services are changing in the UK 
- I would be very interested to know how pathology services 
are run and funded in the rest of the world. As a medical 
laboratory technologist (specialising in microbiology and 
immunology) of some 17 years, I know exactly what type 
of publication I want to produce - one that is, above all, 
interesting to read, informative and one that provides a 
forum for exchange of ideas and knowledge. 
In subsequent issues (which will be full size - not just 
pilot pages ) we shall be covering many topics in depth, 
including :
Microbiology, Haematology, Chromatography, Near Patient 
Testing, Drug of Abuse Testing, Histology / Cytology,
Diagnostic Screening, Saliva testing - an alternative 
to blood, Autoantibody detection, Cell culture,
In-situ Hybridisation, Microscopy plus our regular features.

If anyone has any contributions on the above topics, 
or suggestions for areas they think would be 
interesting to cover please feel free to contact us as 
we are looking forward to your input . 

We apologize to those of you who might consider this 
to be an inappropriate post. We hope that it is not and 
firmly believe that this is an item of news of considerable 
interest, in particular, to UK laboratory staff.
Thank you for reading this.

Pam Moreton 

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