sublethal irradiation

Marcella Sarzotti-Kelsoe msarzott at umabnet.ab.umd.edu
Fri Mar 10 15:38:12 EST 1995

I wish to learn more about sublethal irradiation of adult mice. 
Specifically, I would like to find out: 1) to what extent and for how 
long does the dose of 650 rads inhibit the function of peripheral T 
cells, 2) do I need to reconstitute the animal with bone marrow cells, 3) 
what are the AAALAC approved procedures to maintain the mice after 
irradiation (microisolation, food, acidic water), 4) what are the side 
effects of sublethal irradiation.  I have to write an animal protocol on 
this subject and I would greatly appreciate your input. Thank you.

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