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Fri Mar 10 13:11:40 EST 1995

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> I have just started to use antibody phage display to obtain antibodies to
> specific antigens. Does anyone have experience with the Pharmacia kit and
> is thier vector, pCANTAB5E, better or worse then other vectors?

Our lab used this kit before I arrived with little success.  This does not
mean the kit doesn't work, it just didn't for the person who was here
before me.  
  When I arrived I switched over to the SurfZAP system for phage display. 
I purchased primers from Tera Corp 619-535-5479 and the vectors from
Stratagene.  There are several other methods available as well.  Barbas et
al and the Winter group also have their own methods which may be suitable
for you as well.  Read the literature and pick what you feel best suits
your needs.
   Peter Emanuel

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