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gauduin at adarc.nyu.edu gauduin at adarc.nyu.edu
Mon Mar 13 13:03:12 EST 1995

I am evaluating the protective potential of passively-administered human
monoclonal antibodies in the hu-PBL-SCID mouse model of HIV infection.
I have shown that BAT123, a mouse MAb specific for the V3 region of HIV-1
gp120 is effective in protecting SCID mice from HIV-1IIIb infection even
when administered up to 4 hours after virus inoculation.  (JID,in press)
I want to assure that any results are the effect of the mouse antibody used
in a mouse system ... that may be able to activate the mouse complement
cascade.... which will provide better protection that does a human antibody
in a mouse system.
I know that snake venom is commonly used to inactivate murine complement in
vivo.    However, I do not have any experience using this reagent!
Could someone please E-mail me either a dose response curve for snake venom
in mice or the references where I could find this information?  I also will
need to know the response time for the snake venom and how to assay for
complement activity.

Marie-Claire Gauduin
<gauduin at adarc.nyu.edu>   

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