Amplification of monoclonal by passage through mice

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> Try subcloning by limiting dilution to isolate a
> homogeneous and higher producing clone.
This is an excellent suggestion. 
> does anyone know of a better method of concentrating our antibody?
An inexpensive method to concentrate Ab is to use saturated amonium
sulfate solution to precipitate antibody, dialyze it and then purify it
on a protein A column.  This procedure is in Harlwo et al as well.

The expert you want to talk to in your area isDr. Richard Goldsby at
Amherst College.  His number is (413) 542-2045.  Unfortunatly, he is on
sebatical at MIT now.  However, you can reach him at (617)258-5175 if
the sub-cloning does not produce a better producer.

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