plant monoclonal antibodies

Agnieszka Szczepek aszczepe at GPU.SRV.UALBERTA.CA
Tue Mar 14 18:37:47 EST 1995

On 14 Mar 1995, Steve Goldberg wrote:
> Anyone aware of monoclonal antibody technology in plants???? One of my 
> immunology students asked me and I am ignorant in this area. Any 
> references or information would be appreciated.
> Monica Ranes-Goldberg
> msgold at ix.netcom.com

Hello there, 

If you could give me your address I would send you all the papers I have
about that topic: two months ago I've had a seminar on "molecular farming"
based mostly on work of Dr.M.Moloney from the University of Calgary in
Alberta, Canada. Not only antibodies but also cytokines (!!!!) can be made
in plants. Imagine watering your IL-1 plant in the morning..... 


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