Amplification of monoclonal by passage through mice

JLT Tyner jlttyner at aol.com
Tue Mar 14 23:25:29 EST 1995

Several questions come to mind:
1)  What is the tissue culture production level detected? (ug/ml)
2)  What is the ascites production level? (mg/ml)
3)  What is the required concentration for your experiment?  v. important!
 If this is too high, it may not be feasible.
4)  What is the origin of the mAb hybridoma?  (ie: mouse x mouse)
5)  Is it a heterohybridoma? (ie: hamster x mouse)
6)  What is the isotype?  (At this point we all assume IgG)
7)  I agree with harvard, ammonium sulfate is good, but add it slowly.

J. Tyner 
Chicago, Il

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