Murine IL-1B assay needed.

Michael Dobson dobson at info.usuhs.mil
Wed Mar 15 13:58:47 EST 1995

In article <3k6u0l$1kn at info.usuhs.mil>,  <jasmith at usuhsb.usuhs.mil> wrote:
>does anyone know of an ELISA or other simple assay murine IL-1B?  We would
>like to be able to measure directly, as opposed to measuring another marker 
>like IL-2 produced in response to IL-1.  Thanks.

Try Genzyme Diagnostics, Cat # 80-3384-01 for a murine IL-1B ELISA kit.
I've used their IL-1alpha kit with very good results.  The IL-1beta kit is
new with their 1995 catalog.  You can reach then at 1-800-332-1042.

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