New TCR nomenclature

Aarn Huissoon huissoona at rheuma.bham.ac.uk
Thu Mar 16 12:24:54 EST 1995

In article <199502201945.LAA06416 at net.bio.net>, dexper at WRAIR-EMH1.ARMY.MIL says:
>   A company representative told us that there is a new nomenclature for
>human TCR V beta gene families, and that it appears in a paper by Wei et 
>al.  I have not been able to find the paper in the library or in Current
>Contents Life Science, and the company representative didn't know the 
>reference either.  There is a paper in the WHO Bulletin in 1993 about
>TCR gene nomenclature, but it is not the one that describes a new nomen-
>clature for human V beta gene families.  Has anybody seen this paper by
>Wei et al?
>                                              Jack Komisar
Here's the reference from BIDS:

The extent of the human t-cell receptor-v-beta gene segment repertoire
Wei S, Charmley P, Robinson MA, Concannon P.
Immunogenetics 1994 Vol.40 No.1 pp.27-36

Aarn Huissoon

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