Monoclonal Antibody Needed

Russell Linscott 76532.2302 at CompuServe.COM
Wed Mar 15 18:49:23 EST 1995

slhmm at cc.usu.edu (JEFFERY) writes:
> Hi,
> I am looking for a company who can provide the service of production of
> monoclonal antibody against a specific recombinant protein. I'd like to know
> If I want to make a monoclonal antibody, how much it will cost,
> how long it will take, and how much protein (antigen) I
> have to provide. Your response will be appreciated. Thank you. Jeff
Try the following companies: Intracell Technologies 800-542-2281, Chromaprobe 415-964-8410, Hybrilogic Corp. 503-255-4789, Scantibodies Lab 619-258--9300.  Hope they can help. Regards.

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