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Thu Mar 16 08:51:29 EST 1995

INSERM organizes a workshop on the following subject:

T Cell repertoire analysis: clinical research applications

Madeleine COCHET (Paris, France), Christophe PANNETIER (Paris, France)

Phase I . CRITICAL ASSESSMENT . May 18 and 19, 1995 . LE VESINET

Review and comparison of different T cell repertoire analysis methods. 
Applications to investigate immune responses in various diseases will
be presented

Researchers, clinicians and research assistants

Presentation of immune repertoires and how they are generated; various
repertoire analysis methods based on cytofluorimetry, PCR
amplification, library screening, electrophoresis will be presented.
Applications to the study of autoimmune, tumoral, infectious diseases
and to graft rejection.

with the participation of:
M. BONNEVILLE (Nantes, France), V. BRICHARD (Bruxelles, Belgium), E.
CHAMPAGNE (Lausanne, Switzerland), S. COHEN-KAMINSKI (le Plessis
Robinson, France), P. DRUET (Paris, France), J. EVEN (Paris, France),
J. GORSKI (Milwaukee, USA), B.GRANDCHAMP (Paris, France), J.-G. GUILLET
(Paris, France), T. HERCEND (Villejuif, France), P. KOURILSKY (Paris,
France), P. N. MARCHE (Paris, France), P. MUSETTE (Paris, France), F.
RIEUX-LAUCAT (Cologne, Germany ), F. ROMAGNE (Marseilles, France), A.N.

Phase II . PRACTICAL COURSE . June, 12-16. 1995, Paris 

Initiation to the Immunoscope analysis method. Applications to T cell
repertoire analysis in cancer patients.

A maximum of 16 participants will be selected among phase I attendants.

Informations and registrations:
Ateliers INSERM, 101 rue de Tolbiac, 75654 PARIS cedex 13, tel: 33 (1)
44 23 62 05, 
Fax: 33 (1) 45 85 68 56

Registration deadline: March, 25. 1995

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