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Thu Mar 16 17:50:48 EST 1995

For all of you who were interested in references for"molecular farming" - 
here they are:
1. Van Rooijen, G.J.H., M.M.Moloney, Plant seed oil-bodies as carriers 
for foregin proteins; BioTechnology 1994
2.Sjimons, Pc.C., et al, Production of correctly processed human serum 
albumin in transgenic plants;1990, BioTechnology 8:273-221
3.Hiatt, A., and J.K.C.Ma Monoclonal antibody engineering in plants; 
1992, FEBS letters 307: 71-75
4. Hiatt, a. et al, Production of antibodies in transgenic plants, 1989, 
Nature 342:76-78
5. Bird, R.E., et al, Single-chain antigen binding proteins, 1988, 
Science, 242:423-426

There is more papers about that subject but these are good to start with.

I apologize for not sending the papers to all who requested them 
but I am just a simple grad student and don't have funding for such a 
volume of international correspondence (I did not expect such a great 
answer from SO MANY of you!!!!)



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