re time from transcription to surface expression...

Ralph M Bernstein ralph at ccit.arizona.edu
Fri Mar 17 08:58:50 EST 1995

Laurentiu COCEA previously wrote:

>I wonder if someone has ever tryied to count the minutes (hours? days?) you 
>have to wait for an Ig to be expressed at the surface of a lymphocyte once
>transcription has started. It might be different for the H chain that 
>associates with the lambda 5 protein and for a "normal" H/L protein.
>If the answer is negative, haw do you think this could be measured?

    i'm sorry Laurentiu, that i don't know how long this takes, but i do
know that the jan 1994 issue of cell has a paper in it that refutes the l-5
and v-pre-b data and says that these "surrogates" are only expressed
_before_ mu, and that as soon as mu mRNA is made, surface expression of both
of these "surrogates" are gone.  so it prob won't be diff for   "the H chain
that associates with the lambda 5 protein and for a "normal" H/L protein",
since they don't.  the surrogate data that said otherwise was from
transformed cell lines (viraly trans cells are wacky).  mayhaps the
surrogates in b-cells play a role in early early b-cell + selection? 
anythoughts on this??  anyone read anything new about surrogates???


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