need anti-murine antibodies against cyclins, cdks and signal transduction

Laszlo Radvanyi radvanyi at
Sat Mar 18 13:07:18 EST 1995


  A number of companies are beginning to sell monoclonals and polyclonals 
for a variety of cell cycle-related proteins such as the ones you 
listed.  For example, you can begin with:

1. Upstate Biotechnology Laboratories (UBI) in Lake Placid and;
2. Pharmingen in CA

A number of smaller biotech. companies are now marketing these antibodies 
as well although I have had no experience with their quality.  I have used 
some of the Pharmingen stuff (anti- cyclin B) and it works very well.  Most 
monoclonals on the market are mouse anti-human cyclin A, B, D, or E.  
Some of the antibodies, especially vs. cyclins A and B were raised against 
a peptide sequence in the C-terminus conserved between mouse and man and 
are therefore crossreactive.  UBI sells a number of these antibodies.
Anti-mouse cdk antibodies are a little harder to find, but UBI sells a 
few of these.  Also, as far as I know, p13suc1 protein from yeast 
(available as conjugates to sepharose) can be used to immunoprecipitate both 
mouse and human cyclin-cdk complexes. You also try contacting a number of 
labs specializing in cell cycle work (e.g. Tony Hunter at the Salk Institute,
David Beach at Cold Spring Harbour).  I'm sure they could give you more info. 
and could maybe send you some of their antibodies.

 On Thu, 16 Mar 1995 d-burtrum at wrote:

>  I need antibodies as above...
> they must be against mouse or against human but crossreact with mouse...
> here is the list:  cyclins A, D, E, B
>                    cdk2,4,6, p34cdc2
>                    p21, p27 and p53
> I've been looking for commercial availability of the above....they are
> hard to find....
> I would appreciate any help
> michelle 
> mrtour at
> -- 
> db
> or Michelle

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