lamprene / clofazimine

Jonathan Stanley 75457.2666 at COMPUSERVE.COM
Mon Mar 20 07:45:49 EST 1995

I was diagnosed with disseminated MAC last October and put on a 3 
drug regimen of Clofazimine (Lamprene), ethambutol, and 
Clarithymycin (Biaxin.)  I had also been earlier diagnosed with 
CMV retinitis and was getting ganciclovir IV 2/day for an 
phase followed by 1/day for 5 days of the following weeks.
My problem is that the pharmacists tell me they cannot get 
Clofazimine any longer.  And the ethambutol has its own nasty 
disturbances.  Lots of floating brown patches.

My understanding is that clofazimine is a fairly important 
anti-leprosy drug sold overseas in 3rd world countries.  It's 
made by Geigy 
-- by I don't think the one of Ciba Geigy fame.
My insurance is very forgiving about this sort of gray drug and 
I'm sure would pay for it if I could just source it.  Any ideas 
out there?
Oh, saw someone's discussion of their T4 cells.  I no longer 
count mine.  I'm sure there is lot's of information -- but you 
always get into trouble trying to extrapolate downwards.  They're 
only good as guidelines -- How much of the pop has AIDS, when to 
start treatment for CMV or PCP.  I'm now taking cytovene by mouth 
and will see h0w that works out.  My count was less than 10 two 
yrs. ago.

Jonathan Stanley

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