CD8+ive T cell death in HIV infection

Christopher Savoie savoie at bioreg.kyushu-u.ac.jp
Mon Mar 20 00:32:25 EST 1995

Why is very little or no attention being payed in the literature to 
the CD4+CD8+ T cell compartment?  Is it not possible that this is the 
cause of a "CTL" memory deficit, since CTL are primarilly CD8+ but at 
one point or another in development all express CD4 and are hence 
direct targets for HIV infection.

It has been shown that in the thymus, the CD4CD8 double positive cells
were indeed the MOST infected subpopulation.  Does this also happen in
the periphery ?

If this were the case, alot of things would be explained rather easily.
Just an example: pediatric cases (where the undeveloped lymphocytes are 
most prevelent)progress faster than infections that ocurr in adulthood.

Also, viral and cancerous lesions are big problems in adult AIDS cases.
CD8 cells kill virally infected and oncogenic cells. Not CD4 cd4 cells.

Conclusion: AIDS is primarilly a CD8 disease, not a CD4 disease,  even
though CD4 is the target for viral entry.  If you attack the viral 
defense directly (cd8 cells) then your reproductive job as a virus
is much easier....

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