CD8+ive T cell death in HIV infection

Tue Mar 21 16:41:44 EST 1995

Recently, Chad Womack from CDC wrote:
> This may be true, however, it is clear from Fauci et al's data that HIV 
> does have the ability to infect CD4+8+(double positives) in vitro.  
> Additionally, Fauci et al have shown that HIV replicates like mad in 
> lymph nodes and spleen during all stages of the diseases.  From an 
> immunological stand point, it is not at clear how and where CD4+ T cells 
> develop in the mature adult (that is post- thymus involution).  However, 
> if we take the recent data presented by George Shaw et al, and David Ho 
> et al, with regards to HIV replication and steady state models, it is 
> clear that CD4+ T cells are constantly being renewed (although I'm not so 
> sure at the rate that they discuss).  So the question remains, where are 
> these CD3+4+ T cells coming from and is there a pool(s) of precursor 
> lymphocytes, perhaps, double positives, that exists that becomes depleted as the 
> disease progresses?  My own personal bias is that there is a pool of 
> precursor lymphocytes, perhaps located in the gut, lymph nodes, and 
> spleen, a part of which may be double-positives. 

With regard to T cell maturation in adults, I was recently at a bone 
marrow transplant meeting in Orlando where George Santos, M.D. asked 
a similar question of Robert A. Good, M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc. about the 
ability of adult BMT patients to re-educate their T cells despite 
having an "involuted" thymus.  Dr. Good's response was that adult 
thymuses, although involuted and less active, are still functional 
and able to carry out positive and negative selection.  He also 
suggested that there are probably extra-thymic locations of T cell 
maturation in adults.  If this is true, then there should be pockets 
of CD3+CD4+CD8+ "thymocytes" present in adult thymuses as well as in 
extra-thymic lymphoid tissues.  Has anyone shown this experimentally 
in humans?

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