th3 cells ????

Ralph M Bernstein ralph at ccit.arizona.edu
Wed Mar 22 10:36:18 EST 1995

Hi all!

I saw this on the net "
>>Klaus D. Elgert (kdelgert at vt.edu) wrote:
>>: Immunology netters:

>>: A reviewer on one of my manuscripts suggested "TGF-beta, from some TH2 [type

>>: 2 T-helper subset] and a new so-called TH3 cell, suppresses everything."

>>: Can anyone tell me about TH3 cells and/or direct me to an article. "

has anyone heard of this??

are these just th0's / cd8 supressors, or really a new class of cd4
supressor, and if so what is the phenotype?

anyone help?


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