CD8+ive T cell death in HIV infection

Christopher Savoie savoie at bioreg.kyushu-u.ac.jp
Wed Mar 22 01:31:44 EST 1995

SHIVERS at AARLO.MOFFITT.USF.EDU ("Steven Shivers, Ph.D.") wrote:

>... suggested that there are probably extra-thymic locations of T cell 
> maturation in adults.  If this is true, then there should be pockets 
> of CD3+CD4+CD8+ "thymocytes" present in adult thymuses as well as in 
> extra-thymic lymphoid tissues.  Has anyone shown this experimentally 
> in humans?

Yes, there are such thymocytes around in trace quatities in the adult thymus,
but I am not aware of any study on the periphery.  Is it possible that only small
quanitities of these populations could be the reservoir for memory CTLs?
I think so.  The B cell side of things provides an excellent model that may
be applicable for CD3+ cells as well.

Christopher Savoie
Department of Genetics
Medical Institute of Bioregulation 
Kyushu University 

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