diphteria vaccine

Async User ln1313 at grape.epix.net
Thu Mar 23 18:30:20 EST 1995

On 22 Mar 1995, Guylaine Rault wrote:

> I would like to know if there exists a vaccine against diphteria only without any
> association with other diseases ? It is to vacccine a child which has already got
> the tetanus and polio vaccines. 

I do not know of any single toxoid diphtheria vaccine. It is combined 
with tetanus to comply with childhood immunization requirements for 
diphtheria nd tetanus in a single injection. There is a diphtheria 
globulin antitoxin, but this would not serve as a preventive vaccine. 
Unless the child has had a reaction to a previous dose of tetanus (which 
would be quite unusual), why would someone want to separate the two? 
Additional dosing of tetanus is part of a normal childhood schedule 
anyway. I know I have not answered your question, but I am curious as to 
why you would want to do that!

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