Immunoblotting and gels

Wayne R. Baker baker at iastate.edu
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In bionet.immunology,  Joel--Overland Park KS <guss at tyrell.net> wrote
:I am looking for some information that will basically describe to me how
:to run gels and how to blot and how they work.  One sourse that someone
:recommended was catalogs that sell kits for these things; even though they
:are just trying to sell it, they really do provide good explinations on
:how it works.  Does anyone have any more ideas?
:thanks in advance.

Most any book on Biochemistry or Biophysics will have a discussion of
gel electrophoresis and most Immunology and Molecular Biology books will
talk about blotting. "Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual" by J.
Sambrook, E. F. Fritsch & T. Maniatis published by Cold Spring Harbor
Press is an excellent resource. Electrophoresis techniques are covered
in volume 3. 

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