Immunoblotting and gels

pastuer crm at iquest.net
Thu Mar 23 21:53:37 EST 1995

In article <D5v4M5.Euu at tyrell.net>, guss at tyrell.net (Joel--Overland Park 
KS) says:
>I am looking for some information that will basically describe to me how
>to run gels and how to blot and how they work.  One sourse that someone
>recommended was catalogs that sell kits for these things; even though 
>are just trying to sell it, they really do provide good explinations on
>how it works.  Does anyone have any more ideas?
>thanks in advance.
>                                -joel
>                                 guss at tyrell.net (Kansas City)
>The Biorad catalog has a complete set of instructions.  You can even buy 
precast acrylamide gels from them if you don't want to cast your own.  I 
would suggest you try blotting to pvdf instead of nitrocellulose and the 
ECL kit from Amersham which uses luminol instead of radiactivity or 
colorometric changes is a good way to see your results.

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