Resuscitating a Hybridoma line

Fri Mar 24 07:41:56 EST 1995

> hi,
> I'm trying to resuscitate a hybridoma line that we have. I usually grow
> the lines in DMEM HG, 10% FCS, HT, Non-Essential AA, Sodium Pyruvate,
> HEPES. The other lines grow well in this medium but there is one in
> particular that just won't grow.
> The line grew fine in the usual medium and was then frozen in LN2 (3-4
> years ago; before my time). Cell viability (by Trypan Blue exclusion) was
> fine on thawing. Now, it just won't grow in our usual medium.
> Are there any other supplements I should throw in to kick start this
> particular line?
> I have gotten suggestions to add CEGABA, T/B cell growth factors (IL2, 4,
> & 6), conditioned media.... etc.
> Which supplement worked the best for you? I'm running out of vials of this
> line and I can only try a supplement or two.

IL-6 has worked well for me in these situations.  Something else you 
might consider is to inject the hybridoma into pristane-primed nude 
mice.  In vivo conditions may provide multiple factors that cannot be 
duplicated with recombinant cytokines.


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