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>Would somebody PLEASE educate this guy!

>On 19 Mar 1995, Ron Adams wrote:

>  -=> Quoting Ken Schroeter, DO to All <=-
>  KSD> In article <3i7ln8$3ij at newsbf02.news.aol.com>, bartoct at aol.com
>  KSD> (BARTOCT) wrote: 
>  > If no one gets vaccines, whether or not they are perfect, we will again be
>  > susceptible to the diseases.  Vaccines are recommended when it is deemed
>  > safer to get the vaccine than the illness.  Thus, even with imperfect
>         Precisely the point.  Many parents would rather have their children
>         get these diseases naturally rather than risk tampering with the
>         child's immune system and irritating the child's nervous system
>         with the harsh chemical preservatives and stabilizers in the
>         vaccines.  It's all a balance of risk.
>  > faccines, it is preferable to have a 1/1,000,000 risk from the vaccine,
>  > than a 1/1000 risk from the disease.  the lay public seems to have
>  > absolutely no understanding of statistical risks, and is constantly
>  > questioning public health policy because of that lack of understanding. 
>         No, it's not lack of understanding.  It is hearing the risks and 
>         facts about adverse reactions for the first time and then question-
>         ing doctors, public health officials and school personnell who
>         quite often don't know any more than the parents do.
>  > without vaccines, there would still be thousands of deaths per year from
>  > polio, whooping cough, and measles.  
>    I don't think so.  Our methods of caring for children with complications
>    from naturally occurring childhood diseases are far more sophisticated
>    than in the past.  I would rather my child had whooping cough naturally
>    than expose them to the filth of the pertussis vaccine--a vaccine I
>    wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.  I would rather my child got the
>    measles naturally during childhood rather than immunosupressing the
>    child and letting them get an atypical form of the disease as an
>    adolescent or young adult.  Same goes for mumps.  90% of polio incidence
>    in the US today is caused by the live polio vaccine.
>    Vaccines are less reponsible for the decline of these diseases than
>    public sanitation, refrigeration and just plain clean leaving have been.
>    What no one will tell you is that all of these diseases had dramatically
>    decreased in incidence in the years preceeding any of the vaccine
>    introductions.  Good nutrition, clean living, breast feeding, natural
>    herd immunity are what will be the demise of these diseases.  Studies
>    show that vaccines may be causing as many problems as they are supposedly
>    preventing.  What about all of these strange childhood immune disorders,
>    cancers and brain disorders that were never heard of before the vaccine
>    era?
>  > However, the rare few complications
>  > of significance from vaccines make headlines in our society.
>  > Enough??
>  "Rare enough" that the product liability lawsuits were common enough and
>  expensive enough for the vaccine manufacturers that the government had to
>  step in when the drug manuf. said they would stop making vaccines because
>  they couldn't afford to stay in the business of making vaccines at a 
>  tremendous loss.  We now have the National Vaccine Injury Act which now
>  is like a no-fault insurance policy for the drug companies so they don't
>  have to deal with the lawsuits.  Since 1990, $500 million has been paid
>  in damages by the government to injured or killed children's families.
>  The Act was put into law in 1986.  If vaccines are so safe, then why are
>  so many children getting hurt and why can't the drug companies make the
>  vaccines without the government stepping in and paying for damages caused
>  by the filth that the vaccine manuf. are putting out.
>  Why does SIDS appear so much in the FDA's vaccine injury database, the
>  Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)?  Why did SIDS and infantile
>  seizures virtually disappear in Japan in the late '70s when the mandatory
>  DPT shot was moved from 2 months of age to 2 years of age?  In Japan,
>  the inventor of the chicken pox vaccine, which now has been unleashed on
>  US children, the DPT shot is illegal before the age of two.  Why not in
>  the US?
>  KSD> It has always struck me as odd that our patients sometimes fail to see
>  KSD> that we have their best interests in mind.  There have been a few
>  KSD> profiteers in our fold, but the majority of physicians care about
>  KSD> their patients and feel a responsibility to them.  It sometimes is hard
>  KSD> on me to see "Doctor bashing", "Vaccine bashing", that all too often is
>  KSD> done from an ignorant and angry point of view...
>  Tell that to the parent of a dead or vaccine injured child.  Soon the 
>  government will have paid $1 billion to parents who had no idea that
>  vaccines could cause harm -- doctors who have their best interests in 
>  mind should take the risks of vaccines alittle more seriously.
>  KSD> Immunize your spuds because you love them  :)
>         Is this some kind of guilt trip you lay on parents who are on
>         the fence on this issue?
>        If you want to vaccinate your children, go right ahead.  But don't
>        treat my children like they are breeding grounds for these diseases 
>        and treat their parents like they are lowlife for making a decision
>        that goes against the grain of what is expected.  Show a little
>        more respect.  We also made our decisions because we love them.

The ASM News, July 1992 presented the following:

Past Max. and current morbidity from vaccine preventable diseases
                                         No. of cases
Disease                  Max.yr                 1991        %  Change
Diphtheria         206,939 ('21)               2              -99.99
Measles            894,134 ('41)            9488            -98.94
Pertussis          265,269  ('34)            2575            -99.03
Polio(paralytic)  21,269    ('52)               (a)             -99+
Rubella               57,686   ('69)            1372           -97.62
Congenital Rub.synd. 20,000 )'64-5)       36           -99+ 
tetanus                  1560('23) b                  49          -96.86
 a, projected vaccine assoc cases      
 b, deaths only in 1923 for tetanus;cases in 1991 

  The "usual childhood  diseases" are not innocuous 
inconveniences without side effects.  Any pathology text
should enlighten those who think otherwise.  

Perfect? No. Not yet.  but  great strides have been made.

Bob Roberson  


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