Epidemiology of a tattoo needle?

Quimica Proteios at indirect.com
Fri Mar 24 23:56:17 EST 1995

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(Tetanus) wrote:

> First, my deepest apologies for crossposting to so many groups.  Sorry.
> Now, can someone please give me a straight answer as to what is the risk 
> for disease in getting a tattoo?  I am primarily interested in HIV, but 
> would like to hear about any agents you might think are appropriate to 
> the discussion.  How are these risks controlled?  Can we expect to 
> suddenly see a cluster of 20-somethings bleeding out with Marburg?  In a 
> few years will we see a sudden spike in AIDS among the early 30s age 
> group?  What exactly (or at least confidently) is/are the risk?
> Thanking you in advance for your shared wisdom, and assuring you that my 
> next post here will have more to do with my thesis and less with 
> residual-end of the quarter curiosity.   :)
> Franklin

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