Glycoprotein analysis kits

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Sat Mar 25 10:52:39 EST 1995

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>         Hello,
>         I am planning to use glycoprotein detection/differentation kits 
> to analyze a glycoprotein from a virus. 
>         How efficent they are working?
>         How much glycoprotein I should use?
>         Any other comments...
> Any kind of reply would be appreciated!


I'm using O-GlcNAc detection kit from Oxford GlycoSystem, but I have many
prblems with it, but unfortunalelly I haven't heard about other company
with sell similar kits.
Try contact:  Oxford GlycoSystem
               tel.+44 (0) 235 553066
               fax.+44 (0) 235 554701

If you have more question about O-GlcNAc contact:

Miroslaw Kata
mbioekol-v1 at macpost.lu.se

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