Epidemiology of a tattoo needle?

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>: > Franklin
>: Oh yeah, the risks are controlled by auto-clave. Any even remotely 
>: respectible tatoo shop will make mention of the fact they use an 
>: auto-clave. : -- 
>What?  I don't know much about tattooing but you mean a system of 
>disposable needles hasn't been devised for use by tattoo artists?
>I personally would not rely on autoclaving used needles of any kind...

No, the needles _are_ disposable, and usually come in sterile packs.
The tattoo artist should open the packs in front of you.  He also
should use new ink in disposable containers.  The autoclave is for
the tattoo gun itself and anything else that can be splattered by 
blood.  If the artist doesn't wear gloves, the biggest risk is to
the _artist_, who comes in contact with blood during the tattoing

If the tattoo artist doesn't use both an autoclave and disposable
needles, find someone else!

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