TTh1 vs Th2

David Peritt Peritt_d at a1.mscf.upenn.edu
Mon Mar 27 13:25:36 EST 1995

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jsm341 at ANIMA.NUMS.NWU.EDU writes:
>        A previous posting concerning Th(x) profiles asked the question
>"Are there any markers that delineate the Th1 subset Th2's?"  CD30(Ki-1
>Antigen) may be such a marker. In recent papers published in the Journal
>Experimental Medicine and FASEB Journal by Romagnani et al, they show
>CD30 is expressed on CD8+ Th2 cells and on CD4+ Th2 cells. Romagnani et
>also postulate in a review article in the February 1995 issue of
>Today, that CD3+4+30L+ and CD3+8+30L+ cells may be responsible for CD3+4+
>and CD3+8+ cells undergoing apoptosis.

A recent JofI paper came up with the exact opposite finding!!!!  CD30+
were high gIFN producers.

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