INFO needed on immunology. See hot new textbook!

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>I am a sophmore in college studying biology, and was wondering about a possible 
>future in immunology.  Could anyone tell me if the field of immunology is
>strictly research, and how much schooling one would need for it?
>Also, is immunology a rewarding field in terms of positive results from
>work?  Can anyone give me a description of the work being done nowadays
>in the field of immunology?
>Help would be appreciated,
>Andrew=AJMST37 at
>Response from Dr. Hans J. Kugler:
 Immunology is a very fascinating field; it reaches into literally
 every area of disease research and prevention (cancer, AIDS, aging).
 In aging research the focus is on the immunologic theory of aging.
 A look at a good (advanced) textbook might tell you if this area of
 science is for you.
 A magnificent new textbook - - used in graduate and advanced med 
 school courses - - is: Cellular and Molecular Immunology
                        Drs. A. Abbas, A. Lichtman, and J. Pober
                        W.B.Saunders Company ISBN 0-7216-5505-x
Hans J. Kugler, PhD, Author: TRIPPING THE CLOCK, guide to anti-aging.
                     Editor: Preventive Medicine UP-DATE.

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