Resuscitating a Hybridoma line

David L. Haviland, Ph.D. HAVILAND at KIDS.WUSTL.EDU
Fri Mar 31 14:09:42 EST 1995

In <30MAR95.12510971 at msdisk.wustl.edu> plas_d at msdisk.wustl.edu writes:

> Here's another suggestion...hope it works!  I have found many times
> that certain cell lines look fine and healthy upon thawing, but then
> crash by the next day.  To help the cells from the start I thaw them
> onto irradiated feeder cells (mouse thymocytes, spenocytes--3000RADS)


Having come from a hybridoma lab and experienced the problem of above, I 
think you idea is quite good.  However, to take it one step further, why 
not seed the hybridoma into one of the many cloning supplements that are 
available (the hybridoma cloning supplement that BMB sells, for example).  
For what it's worth, I normally thaw a hybrid into a 24 well plate or into 
a T25, that's standing up, will all of 2-3 mls in it.

Hope this helps

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