Rat IL-6 ELISA or Bioassay

Steve Hopkins shopkins at fs1.ho.man.ac.uk
Fri Mar 31 12:26:58 EST 1995

In article <3lctg2$18a at harbinger.cc.monash.edu.au>, 
cyberdoc at silas.cc.monash.edu.au says...
>Could anyone help us out with some info on either:
>a RAT IL-6 ELISA kit or reagents (including hybridomas)
>or a RAT IL-6 BIOASSAY (availability of cell lines etc)
>David Mutch

You'll have trouble identifying reagents for an ELISA (though love to 
hear from anyone who has some): we've been interested in anti-rat 
cytokine antibodies for ages and they are pretty thin on the ground. 
Bioassay is easy though. Several line are available. We've used the B9 
hybridoma (from Luciene Aarden, CLB, Amsterdam) for many years to assay 
rat IL-6. It is one of the best and most sensitive cell lines for 
cytokine bioassay and should be easily available. Does recognise murine 
IL-4 and some neuropoietins, but not well. 
Let me know if you have a problem getting hold of it.

Steve Hopkins

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