Endometrial carcinoma lines in Wisconsin

Andrine Lemieux LEMIEUX at MACC.WISC.EDU
Thu Mar 30 21:10:39 EST 1995

I am interested in using an estrogen sensitive endometrial carcinoma cell line
in some cytotoxicity assays for an upcoming project.  Ishikawa would be the
prefered line, but any other will also do.  Are there any researchers in
Wisconsin, or for that matter Chicago, willing to donate a split off an
established line?  I am a dissertor at the UW-Madison campus.  The cells will
be used in both human and rhesus monkey research. Appropriate acknowldgement
for the donation will be made. Please respond to me directly at the address that
follows (no need to clutter the newsgroup).
Thank you!
Andrine M. Lemieux			Office: (608) 263-3577
Department of Psychology
22 North Charter Street			Internet: lemieux at macc.wisc.edu
Madison, WI 53715			Bitnet: lemieux at wiscmacc

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