antagonist peptides that are IA of k restricted

William F. Wade William.F.Wade at
Tue May 2 14:38:20 EST 1995

Does anyone know of any IA of k restricted peptides, may be from  OVA
or HEL that are antagonists for T cell activation.

I have a set of mutant class II molecules, deleted for parts of the
cytoplamsic domains that don't seem to stimulate some auto, allo or
antigen specific T cell hybrids.  Treatment with db cAMP that induces
B7-1 or 2 resuces presentation to auto reactive T cells.  This rescue
is dependent on an intact cytoskeleton as evidenced by cytochalisn
treatment preventing antigen presentation.  In another system fixation
of APC that express truncated class II rescues Ag presentation to
Ag-specfic hybrids.

I want to test if the mutant class II molecules are an antagonist
structure even thought they have wt peptide in the groove.  Thus I
would like a antagonist peptide for the wt class II as a control.

Thank you for your help and suggestion.  My email address is
william.wade at

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