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Tue May 2 13:08:46 EST 1995

In article <3nq1er$5p5 at slip-1.slip.net>, Byron <biotech at slip.net> wrote:

Byron, I don't know of any cytometry newsgroups, but there is an excellent
cytometry E-mail user group.  To be placed on the list, send E-mail to
"cyto-request at flowcyt.cyto.purdue.edu"  Steve Kelley at Purdue is in
charge of the user-list.  They also have a web page which has an index of
the last year or so of entries.  You can learn a lot by reading this user
group, as well as ask questions of your own.

> Please, let me know of any Flow Cytometry newsgroups.
> Thanks,
> Byron

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