Indomethacin, IL-12, monocytes

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:Hi, Immunetters-
:inhibits IL-12 production, we'd like to inhibit PGE2 production with
:indomethacin.  However, we're not exactly sure of the best
:concentration of indomethacin to use, or if we could see any
:physiological effects outside of PGE2 inhibition.  Medline searches
:have turned up tons of articles on indomethacin, but none specifically
:related to IL-12.

Author: van der Pouw Kraan TC
Author: Boeije LC
Author: Smeenk RJ
Author: Wijdenes J
Author: Aarden LA
Address: Department of Autoimmune Diseases, Central Laboratory of
         the Netherlands Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service,
Title: Prostaglandin-E2 is a potent inhibitor of human
       interleukin 12 production.
Source: J Exp Med 1995 Feb 1;181(2):775-9

I havent read this article but it seems like it would tell you the
amounts of PGE2 that cause inhibition of Il-12.

Then look at doses of indomethacin that cause inhibition of PGE2 in 
other papers.  Or look at doses of indomethacin that inhibit other cytokines.
There are plenty of papers with indomethacin and say Il-8 or TNF etc.
good luck.

Anthony C.

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