Immunology Today, June 1995

Tue May 9 06:41:24 EST 1995

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Targeting cancer with radiolabeled antibodies
D. M. Goldenberg, S. M. Larson, R. A. Reisfeld and J.  Schlom

Complement regulatory molecules: application to therapy and transplantation
P. Morgan

T-cell autoimmunity in multiple sclerosis
R. Hohlfeld, M. Londei, L. Massacesi and M. Salvetti


Thymic emigration: conveyor belts or lucky dips?
R. Scollay and D. I. Godfrey

Thymic emigration - a reply
D. Tough and J. Sprent

Neutrophil priming; the cellular signals which say `amber' but not `green'
M. B. Hallett and D. Lloyds

Could HLA-DRB1 be the protective locus in rheumatoid arthritis?
E. Zanelli, M. A. Gonzalez-Gay and C. S. David


V(D)J Recombination and the cell cycle
W-C. Lin and S. Desiderio

Isohormonal therapy of endocrine autoimmunity
N. Schloot and G. S. Eisenbarth

Focus on Ceramide
Ceramide: an endogenous regulator of apoptosis and growth suppression
M. Pushkareva, L. M. Obeid and Y. A. Hannun

Does endotoxin stimulate cells by mimicking ceramide?
S. D. Wright and R. N. Kolesnick

GPI-linked molecules on lymphoid cells of allogeneic BMT patients
K. Paloczi

Reply from Schubert, Ostendorf and Schmidt
J. Schubert, T. Ostendorf and R. E. Schmidt

Monoclonal immunoglobulins in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
E. Pascali

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