The real role of the immune system

Jamie Marras jmarras at
Wed May 10 20:21:16 EST 1995

ChrisThoburn wrote:

:In reply to this post, Psycler(TKendric) of 
:NETCOM reposts my original message 
:but rather than trying to answer it, 
:attacks the post from PM.  Furthermore, in 
:other 'tangent'
:posts, Ephraim Fuchs and Ken Frauwirth begin to 'discuss' theories (which BTW 
:was my original intent) but focus around the big post of PM.

First of all, please reread Tkendrick's post. Not only is it not an attack,
it is by far an appraisal "of this kind of revolutionary thinking". Okay,
maybe you're confusing posters here because Ken Frauwirth's post, which I
didn't recognize as an attack either, did come across in my mind as a 
'challenge' which the former poster didn't even come close.

Jamie Marras
Institute of Psychoneuroimmunology
San Francisco

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